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What is the business of SeintexApex?

As a leading company in the industry of cryptocurrency market, SeintexApex brings together a team of true professionals. We are focused on trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, arbitrage and stacking cryptocurrencies.

Is a company legally registered?

Yes, our company is registered in the UK. Our office is located at 32 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AY. Our registration number is 09908958. You can find all the necessary documents here About Us.

How do I make money?

We can offer you the most profitable and flexible way to invest, so you can earn from 1.7% to 3.1% daily, it depends on the investment offer you choose. Also, we have developed a three-level affiliate program for you to earn with your partners.

How can I start working with SeintexApex as an investor?

After you have read the User Agreement, you need to get acquainted with the investment offers of our company, select one of them, top-up your balance and make your first deposit.

Can I join SeintexApex if I’m under 18?

Only person who is over the age of majority according to the laws of his/her country of residence can use our services.

Can I create more than one account at the same time?

No, only one account can be registered from one IP address. Otherwise, SeintexApex has the right to block them with further penalties.

Can I change the email address that I registered?

No, you cannot! Because it is important to protect your account security.

How do you protect user data?

We use the most effective ways to protect our users’ personal data. We use SSL-protocol, which provides encryption of all information provided to us, as well as protection from DDoS, IP-tracking, login control, etc.

Can I protect my account by using more security?

Yes, we recommend using two-factor authentication. Also, we recommend you change your account password on a regularly basis.

What should I do if I cannot log in to my account?

You should check that your username and password were entered correctly. If your username and password are correct, please contact our support team.

What should I do if I forgot my account password?

Go to the login page, find the Forgot password button there and follow the instructions in the password recovery section.

What should I do if I can’t find the answer to my question here?

Contact our support using the feedback form or any other way that is convenient for you.

How much can I earn in your company?

You can earn from 1.7% to 3.1% daily, it depends on the chosen investment offer that you can read in more details and use the profit calculator on our Home page or in Investors | Partners section. Also, you can earn extra profits by attracting new partners and receive a commission of 4% from the partners of the first level and 2% and 1% from the partners of the second and third levels accordingly.

How much can I invest?

The minimum amount of investment is only $50 and the maximum is $100,000 per deposit.

Can I make several deposits?

Yes, you can make more than one deposit at the same time.

How can I make a deposit?

You can top-up your account balance by using any possible way on the section New Deposit.

What payment systems does your company use?

The Company use many different payment systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether TRC20, Tether ERC20, Dash, Tron, Ripple, Binance Coin, ePayCore, NixMoney.

How often can I get accruals on my deposits?

Accruals on deposits are made every 24 hours from the moment of making a deposit.

Can I add money to my existing deposit?

No, you can make new deposit.

Does your company take a commission for making a deposit?

No, you will get the amount you deposited to your balance.

What is an affiliate program?

This program provides for accrual and payment of affiliate commissions to users, whose invited partners invested into our company using your affiliate link.

What affiliate commission does SeintexApex offer?

You will get 3% of first level partners, and 1% and 0.5% of second and third level partners accordingly. You will get your actual affiliate commission according to your affiliate’s investment amount.

How to invite new users?

Use your referral link to invite new users. Everyone who registers through your link becomes your partner. Share the link with your friends in social networks, forums and other resources. You can use banners and other promo materials from the appropriate section of your account to make your promotion more effective.

How much affiliate commissions will I get for each deposit made by my partners?

You will get an affiliate commission each time your partner makes a deposit.

Can I earn in SeintexApex without making a deposit?

Yes, you do not need to have your own deposit to start referring new partners.

How does your company make withdrawals?

Payments are made manually from 1 hour to 3 days. In rare cases, there may be delays of up to 5 business days. If the payment is not received within the specified period, please contact support.

How can I withdraw my profit?

In order to withdraw your profit, you need to use the appropriate section in your personal account. Before you withdraw your profit, please make sure that the Wallet you want to use is registered in (Settings - Payments Info).

How often can I withdraw funds?

You can generally withdraw any amount at any time.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC20 - $10 Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Tether TRC20, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Ripple - $1 ePayCore, NixMoney - $0.1

What payment system can I use to withdraw my profit? Can I choose one?

Withdrawals are made only to the payment system that was used for the deposit.

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