Terms & Conditions

Before registering at the SeintexApex Investment Project website, the administration of the company recommends you to read the following document that was prepared by the legal department of the company. It describes the rules, rights and obligations, as well as the terms of co-operation between the client and the investment project SeintexApex. You confirm by registering that you have read this document and agree with all its provisions.

01 1. Definitions of Terms

1.1 SeintexApex LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a company located at 3 Whitfield Road, London, England, E6 1AS with registration number 13817730.

1.2 SeintexApex LTD. Investment Project - an Internet resource hosted at https://seinapexltd.com/, which runs its activities through the Internet resource and related services (hereinafter referred to as the Site), accepting investments from the User with further payment of dividends according to the investment offer on the Site. All funds are withdrawn from the main activity of the Company in the field of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, arbitrage and stacking of cryptocurrencies.

1.3 The Website Administration is an authorized staff managing the Website as a representative of the Company.

1.4 Site User (hereinafter referred to as "User") means an individual or legal person who browses this Site and posts materials and information on the Site, as well as a person who has registered and uses the Personal Account on the Site.

1.5 Personal Account is a private part of the Site which is accessible only to registered Users in accordance with this User Agreement, which contains all the functionalities and tools necessary for work on the Site.

02 The General Terms

2.1 This User Agreement ("Agreement") applies to the SeintexApex website which is located at https://seinapexltd.com/.

2.2 The SeintexApex website (the "Site") is the property of SeintexApex LTD., a company registered in Great Britain at 3 Whitfield Road, London, England, E6 1AS, registration number: 13817730.

2.3 This Agreement regulates the relationship between the Administration of the site "SeintexApex" (hereinafter - the Administration of the site) and the User of this site.

2.4 The Site Administration has the right to change, add or delete paragraphs of this Agreement at any time without notice to the User.

2.5 The use of the Site by the User means agreement and acceptance with the changes made in this Agreement.

2.6 The User is personally responsible for checking this Agreement and the changes in it.

2.7 The Site is available only for the people who reached the age of majority, and for those who registered on our Site without violating the laws of their country.

2.8 Investing, creating a deposit or other activity are made only at the User's request.

2.9 Transactions are provided by SeintexApex LTD. and are controlled according to the rules given in this document.

2.10 The Company bears no risk of any possible damages that the User or other persons can incur as a result of participation in the investment activities of the Company.

2.11 The User agrees independently to bear all risks associated with participation in investment activities including the risk of loss of the deposited funds.

03 Rights and Responsibilities of the Company

3.1 SeintexApex LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has the right:
3.1.1 To refuse the User's registration and to restrict his/her access to the Site's services for any reason specified in this document;
3.1.2 In case of financial or reputational damage which is caused by the User's actions, the Company has the right to block the User's account with all funds in the account as a compensation;
3.1.3 Block the User's account in case of violation of this Agreement by the User with further penalties.

3.2 The Company undertakes: 3.2.1 To provide Users with high quality service, monitor the operating state of the Site, to correct any problems on time, but does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site. Access can be limited during technical works on the hosting side, or in case of circumstances which arise for reasons beyond the Company's control and require some time to fix;
3.2.2 According to the chosen investment offers, pay to the User his earnings in full and on time;
3.2.3 Share with the User access to all content areas of the Site after registration.

04 Rights and responsibilities of the user

4.1 The User has the right:
4.1.1 To use the tools provided on this website for investment activities and profits in accordance with the proposed conditions;
4.1.2 To deposit funds to his account in the amount that does not exceed the financial capabilities of the User;
4.1.3 To manage her/his capital using the methods of depositing and withdrawal by investing or participating in the referral program, as well as reinvesting funds to get the desired level of income.

4.2 User undertakes:
4.2.1 To comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement in full or to stop using the Site;
4.2.2 Invest funds in a legal way;
4.2.3 Do not create more than one account in one name and IP address;
4.2.4 Do not create more than one account with a referral link;
4.2.5 Do not use the Company's Site for illegal or fraudulent reasons.

05 Deposit and withdrawal of funds

5.1 User has the right to create unlimited number of deposits in accordance with the presented investment offers on the Company Website.

5.2 The amount of deposit is regulated by investment offers specified on the Site.

5.3 Accrual on deposits is made on balance of the User's account according to the investment offers but not earlier than 24 hours from the moment of making the deposit.

5.4 Funds become available for withdrawal immediately after they are credited to the account balance.

5.5 Payments are made manually from 1 hour to 3 days. In rare cases, there may be delays of up to 5 business days. If the payment is not received within the specified period, please contact support.

5.6 The deposit may be closed early after 24 hours from the moment of deposit registration.

5.7 At early closing of the deposit the Company charges a commission of 20% in case of closing within the first 10 days of the term of the deposit and 10% in case of closing after the 10th day and until the end of each of the investment offers.

06 The Affiliate Program

6.1 A User can join the three-level Affiliate Program and get commission from each attracted partner in the amount of 3% of first-level partners, 1% and 0.5% from the partners of the second and third levels.

6.2 An affiliate commission depends on the number of team members and the amount of their investments.

6.3 Affiliate commissions are credited and available for withdrawal immediately after the User you attracted has made a deposit in the personal account.

07 Final Provisions.

7.1 These Rules are an agreement about participation in the SeintexApex investment project between the User and the Company.

7.2 This Agreement enters into force for the User from the moment of registration on the Site.

7.3 If for any reason one or more provisions of this Agreement are held invalid or unenforceable, it has no effect on the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.